Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Poem by Theophile

Oh! Love pushes me in your way
Oh! Love pushes your son in your way
Oh! Love create my way
Oh! Love, you are the greatest
I am always waiting for you

You change people who were unchangeable
OH! Love, you make me to pursue my goal
Oh! Love, nothing compares to you
You are really awesome
You are all I need in my life

You push me to do anything I didn’t think,
I could do
Oh! Love fills peace in our heart
Oh! Love fills happiness in our heart
Oh! Love throws away our mistakes
Oh! Love, you‘ll be always our food
You made us who we are

Peace, peace sings your song
Ocean, lakes sing your song
I do not know well who you are
Because I can’t be lost when you’re with me
I never hallucinated in my life
Because you were with me
I never broken my heart
Because you were the soldier of my heart
I never felt tired in my heart
Because you brought contentment to me

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