Monday, July 23, 2012

Storybird Challenge

Looking for something to do?   
Try this week's challenge!  Everyone who completes the challenge will get a prize at the end of the week (Thursday).

What you have to do:
1. First, read these 3 short stories about friendship:

What does friendship mean? by KindleSpark on Storybird

Imaginary by FogCat on Storybird

But the Cheetah Would not Dance by rmc523 on Storybird
2. Ask Megan for your own unique storybird login. Then go here to enter your username and password:

3. Once you log in, click on 'make a storybird' and pick out some cool art. Then select 'start a storybird with this art.'  This will open up the page where you can drag and drop art onto your pages and add words. You can add pages at the bottom.

4. Your challenge is to create a storybird about friendship that is at least 10 pages long.

Have fun and be creative! Once you finish, you can publish your storybird and we can all read it and comment. If you don't finish in one day, that's ok! Just save it and log in tomorrow to finish it.   If you liked this, you can keep making more storybirds.