Monday, May 20, 2013

May Updates

I'm here with some updates!

1. Scavenger Hunt is postponed, again.   Things got a little out of hand towards the end of last week, so we did not hold the Scavenger Hunt on Friday.  Bethany will be figuring out when it will be held, hopefully in June with a smaller number of groups.

2. PUSH To Next Year is off to a great start!  We have held homework and study groups for the last two weeks and we've already started to help a lot of people.  PUSH To Next Year will be every Thursday in May at 6pm, so bring your school work in!

3. Summer programming is right around the corner!  Come in and help us come up with ideas for what to do.

4. Upcoming closings:
  • Closed Friday May 24th and Monday May 27th for Memorial Day weekend
  • Closed Friday June 7th
  • Closed Friday June 14th for AmeriCorps training
  • Last day of school year hours on Wednesday, June 26th!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scavenger Hunt on May 17th!

More stuff in May!  We had to reschedule our Scavenger Hunt due to bad weather, but rain or shine (and hopefully shine), we are holding it for real next week Friday, May 17th.

Bethany has put together some fun clues for different things you can find in the neighborhood.  Here's how it's going to work:

1. Make a team of four.  At least one of you needs to have a camera (phone is fine) for the clues.  If you don't have a camera or are under the age of 13, we will have some PUSH people to help you out.

2. Create a team name and take a photo.

3. On May 17th, you can start as early as 3pm.  All clues are due back to the Center by 6pm.

4. The team that has found the most clues will win a pizza party (at La Nova's).

Monday, May 6, 2013

PUSH To Next Year!

Hi all!  The Center is running an end-of-year school prep program throughout May and June. We will close our Open Hours and welcome any student who wants some extra time to prepare and study for exams. The days in May are every Thursday at 6pm; for June, it will be every day at 6pm for the first week, then every day at 5pm until the end of the school year. See the flyer above and ask if you have questions!

(We may add extra days in May if a lot of people are wanting to have study hours.)

We are planning to:
- Have 1-on-1 homework help for any assignments you have to catch up on
- Help facilitate study groups if you like to study with friends
- Do some focused review for Regents Exams (currently looking at Global, US History & Government, Algebra I, and Geometry I)
- Create a fun but focused environment to study, if you like to study alone

If anyone is looking to volunteer, please contact Janice at