Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos from Thursday mural kick-off!

We kicked off our mural project last Thursday with an awesome start.  We had over thirty GSNC members help with getting designs on the wall and even get a few designs on the wall.  The afternoon started with a discussion on our values -- not the greatest discussion, but this mural is all about creating and open, safe, and productive space, so we got right into designing and painting the different designs.

Megan was able to combine several designs into one design, which was sketched onto the wall into a 9x4 grid, made up of thirty-six 15"x15" squares.  On Thursday, people were able to sign up for their own square, sketch out what they wanted it to look like, then actually paint right onto the wall and fill it in.

We still have a lot of empty squares left and the goal is to complete the entire mural by the end of April.  Want to help out?  Just stop in and let us know!

Keep in mind: We are open this week from 12pm to 5pm because of spring break.


Getting all our supplies in order (thank to PUSH's Tool Library!)

Megan paints the initial design on the wall, which was a collab between designs drawn up by several GSNC members

Doing some planning and prep before the designing and painting starts

One of our volunteers, Aneka, helping get the designs started

And the painting begins! (Far to near: May'ra, Anais, Beth, Esha, and Mariah)

Theo painting in his top-right corner

Awesome turnout: At least thirty people came out to help with the mural!

$100 worth of paints = art being did

Kick-off is a success!  Theo and Ibrahim are putting the last touches before we end for the day.