Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Breaking Down Violence" with UB and PUSH

We are nearing the end of our four-week workshop series with University of Buffalo.  We spent the last few weeks with a graduate class in the Graduate School of Education to really focus on different issues associated with violence.  Usually, our three groups don't focus on the same topic so these workshops had us all talking about the same thing: What is violence and how does affect our lives?

Our "Word Swag" Writing Club focused on the issue of bullying and will be presenting what they've learned in the last two weeks and how they feel about bullying.

Guy Talk put together a video on different ways we can deal with conflict resolution.  See the video here!

Lastly, Girl Talk focused on the violence that happens in relationships and between men and women.  They did a small art project focusing on awareness of the issue with empowering messages for women in tough situations.

It's been awhile, so I will try and keep this blog updated to keep everyone in the loop about what we've been doing!

- Janice

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