Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome back with Halloween photos!

Hi!  We haven't posted here in a long while but there's been a lot going on since the end of the summer.  We reopened about halfway through September and it's been busy and filled with a lot going on, from starting Girl Talk again, working on our upcoming art project, playing video games, and of course, our Halloween Party a couple weeks ago!

So here are some photos from the party and comments from our members on what they liked.

Fardosa and Jamila posing for a photo

Jamila: "I like the game, I like the dance, I like the monster.  I like when me and Emily was taking pictures."

Saadiya and Boncko posing for a photo

Issa and Bethany looking creepy

Janice: What did you like about the party?

Issa: "We broke the pinata and everyone was jumping and dancing.  Then we all tackled Eric and punched the pinata and then we all left."

Shy looking colorful with Igow

Sam looking fierce as a hockey player

Boncko with her little nephew

Boncko, Anais, and Saadiya running the sign-in table

People lining up for spooky punch and cupcakes

It's Ibrahim!

We were visited by a creepy monster (who made many young children cry!).

Levi gets taken in by the monster!

Jesska and Mimi smiling for the camera

The mummy wrap!

Twin Maka and Muna are a two-person mummy

Oh no!  The monster's got Steven!

Daudi is very scared while Abass is unfazed.

Arturo y Moises con el monstruo.

Some other comments from attendees ...

Emily: "Did any of your friends come to the party?"
Jamila: "YOSS."

Janice: "Did you like dancing?"
Esha: "No."

Ibrahim: "Everything, it was fun.  I met new people."

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