Monday, June 11, 2012

big steve rap

i choose this song because my rap teacher said rap about "if you die young" and what u want people to remember you as . i think you should listen to it because it asks you a question.  "what do you want people to remember you as?" listen to the rap, it tells you what i want people to remember me as.

 If I die young, Everybody please remember me As a prodigy
I go through my memories, when I close eyes,
it’s like a surprise I ask the lord why
 when I see people die,  I will never lose my pride
They put me in a position; I have to face my emotions,
never want to be in penitentiary,  when I die askin’ what they did to me
 the streets are like a battle,
it’s like a broken bottle
draining dreams like a stream
you always wanna be heard, always want the fame
you enter in the game, but you can’t always win,
 feeling the pain, through my veins like a sin.
I wish I could freeze the world,
go back in time and stop all the crimes
I been through the struggles,
but if the world’s rough, I pray for a spirit from above
To keep and hold the ones that I love.
This world’s fading away
They need me to come and save the day

- steven collins

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  1. this is amazing. i was impressed with every step of it, whether it was writing the rap or how spontaneous the entire project was. incredible job, steven.